The central topic of the 8th edition of eme3 – Architecture Festival in Barcelona is “TOPIAS, utopias becoming real”.

This year 45 projects, from 17 nations will participate in the various sections of the festival which will take place from 27th to 30th of June.

Debates and talks will take focus around the recovery of public spaces through the years. What was previously impossible in architecture, urbanism and design, is now being made possible by praxis in evolution with the society. They will take place in the Fabra i Coats of Barcelona.

The aim of the festival is to discover, understand and share new forms of architecture and planning relating to the realities of today’s society, through the reflection and exchange between professionals involved and the audience.

“Topias, utopias becoming real”, meaning the passage of utopia to reality, will be the central theme of this year, analyzing areas such as: new uses of urban public spaces (from self-management, empowerment and projects of collaboration); housing in situations of crisis (political, economical and environmental) and demographic evolution of the working space, for example co-working as a new space-model.

Today, fourteen years after the first edition, Eme3 has become a forum and facilitator for interaction, and an interchange for proposals that in a retrospective sense can be fully defined as avant-garde architecture.

With architecture as the starting point, and the combination of both art and design, eme3 brings together the new producers of emergent architecture in a space for experimentation, display and debate.

Eme3 generates projects that take shape in different formats (installations, urban projects, workshops, lectures, discussions and audio-visual projections) and locations, through the continuous program of eme3_on, as well as the annual encounter, eme3_festival, which saw 70,000 visitors in its 7th edition.

Visit the festival: Fabra i Coats, Barcelona
C/Santa Adria, 20

The admission is free


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