Barcelona Carnival week 7th – 13th February 2013

Starting 7th of February Barcelona is becoming a European Capital of the Carnival with a slogan “Barcelona is Carnival”. For the second year city will host different events and activities where the Carnival theme is major attraction.


The goal of this fabulous event is to rebuild the old traditions of Barcelona Carnival which were part of its culture since 14th century. This event is aiming to involve the local society and tourists to this colorful celebration.


There will be 34 parades held throughout the city of Barcelona. Carnival opens with the arrival of the Carnival Kin which will be the signal of parade start. Apart of the Carnival activities there will be a lot of Carnival dedicated parties organized all over the city. Clubs and bars of Barcelona will be dedicated to Mask Parties and Balls.

Everyone, children and adults will have a chance to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Carnival from 7th to 13th of February in the city of Barcelona.

Carnival activities:


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