8th Edition of the International Architecture Festival eme3 in Barcelona


The central topic of the 8th edition of eme3 – Architecture Festival in Barcelona is “TOPIAS, utopias becoming real”.

This year 45 projects, from 17 nations will participate in the various sections of the festival which will take place from 27th to 30th of June.

Debates and talks will take focus around the recovery of public spaces through the years. What was previously impossible in architecture, urbanism and design, is now being made possible by praxis in evolution with the society. They will take place in the Fabra i Coats of Barcelona.

The aim of the festival is to discover, understand and share new forms of architecture and planning relating to the realities of today’s society, through the reflection and exchange between professionals involved and the audience.

“Topias, utopias becoming real”, meaning the passage of utopia to reality, will be the central theme of this year, analyzing areas such as: new uses of urban public spaces (from self-management, empowerment and projects of collaboration); housing in situations of crisis (political, economical and environmental) and demographic evolution of the working space, for example co-working as a new space-model.

Today, fourteen years after the first edition, Eme3 has become a forum and facilitator for interaction, and an interchange for proposals that in a retrospective sense can be fully defined as avant-garde architecture.

With architecture as the starting point, and the combination of both art and design, eme3 brings together the new producers of emergent architecture in a space for experimentation, display and debate.

Eme3 generates projects that take shape in different formats (installations, urban projects, workshops, lectures, discussions and audio-visual projections) and locations, through the continuous program of eme3_on, as well as the annual encounter, eme3_festival, which saw 70,000 visitors in its 7th edition.

Visit the festival: Fabra i Coats, Barcelona
C/Santa Adria, 20

The admission is free

Harley Days 2013 in Barcelona

Harley Days 2013 in Barcelona

This year 2013 the Harley Davidson bikers will gather in Barcelona from 5th to 7th of July.

Once again all locals and visitors of Barcelona will have an opportunity to enjoy Harley Davidson`s biggest urban event in Barcelona. The great celebration of biker cult comes to the vivid city of Barcelona once again.

This summer Barcelona will host bikers, tourists, amateurs and enthusiasts who want to be a part of this legendary days with the best motorbikes, activities and unbeatable atmosphere that reigns during this big event organized by American brand.

The meeting point of the bikers is as usually Plaza España (Fira de Barcelona, Avenida Mª Cristina).

During the event days everyone can not only see the bikers on Harleys around the city, but as well enjoy the Rock Band Facebook contests, Bike Show, the concert of Rafa Blas (winner of TV contest “La Voz”) and the Flag parade.

As well the 7th of July is Elvis Tribute Day during which there will be held a concert with best Elvis performances; furthermore you will be able to visit the special Museum tent of the King of Rock.

Enjoy the live show with the best stereo sound and 40 000 watts of light to make the cover bands shine.

Little ones also have their own space where they can have fun participating in various kids’ activities.

In the Harley village you can enjoy all the Harley motorbikes, the latest models and all kinds of accessories. In the exhibition tent you can take pictures of yourself sporting the brand´s latest models.

For any information contact us!

Sant Jordi Festival 2013 in Barcelona – a gesture that changes everything.


The Sant Jordi Festival is a popular street festival of Catalonia. 23d of April is the day when thousands and thousands of people take the streets for a stroll to enjoy one of the most intense, special and beautiful days of the year.

This is the day when you can go to see the books all around the city on any corner and on any street. Thousands of books fill up the roads and squares. Meanwhile the florist sketch Barcelona in all the colors of spring, while lovers give each other roses in a gesture of love.

St. George´s Day is all about culture, flowers, love and public participation. This is day like no other festival in Barcelona, which unites all.

If you happen to be in Barcelona you don’t want to miss this amazing festival. Our guides will be happy to lead you throughout the city streets and make sure that you participate in the festival´s program as good as locals! You will have a chance to visit City Hall which is open during the day and as well learn about local traditions of celebration and city legends. Don’t miss this out – contact us!



So what is the St. George Day and what is the tradition behind it?

Once upon a time a fearsome dragon was terrifying the inhabitants of a small town in Catalonia called Montblanc. It was wrecking havoc among the town’s populace and devouring the animals grazing in the fields. So, to calm the dragon down, the inhabitants decided they would sacrifice one person each day, chosen by lot, offering them as a sign of good will.

One day, it was the turn of the king’s daughter to be sacrificed. But, just when the dragon was about to gobble her up, a handsome knight appeared and confronted the beast.  It was St George, known as Sant Jordi to the Catalans. He drove his lance into the dragon, out of whose blood a bush of red roses sprang up.
​His was a bold and selfless gesture that changed the town’s course of history and gave birth to our legend. Ever since then it has been the custom in Catalonia to give your loved one a rose. St George, the patron saint of Catalonia since the 19th century, became the symbol of Catalan lands through the Renaixença, the Catalan Renaisance, a political and cultural movement to recover the signs of Catalan identity.


Study Spanish in Spain

Study Spanish in Spain

DeluxEvent is now collaborating with the IDEAL EDUCATION GROUP who is offering to the families an unique opportunity to learn Spanish language and culture in the summer camps all over the Spain.

The Enforex and Don Quijote camps that our company is working with are the leaders in providing Spanish language courses where Spanish is spoken. Founded in 1989, they grown to be the largest organization for our kids, with over 24 academic centres in Spain and Latin America.

The camp is offering 9 summer programs in different locations in Spain including, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, Seville and Valencia.

For the past 24 years, Enfocamp has offered residential, Day Camp and Home Stay programs for children and teenagers during the summer. By bringing together students from all over the world (60% Spanish), these courses allow internationally youth to make Spanish friends their age, acquire a profound understanding of the Spanish way of life and increase their awareness  of a variety of world cultures. We are proud to offer this enriching opportunity for the students from 5 to 18 years old. The camp participants come from 32 countries, which create a unique diverse environment for developing linguistic and international skills.

Additionally, the young participants in many traditional summer camp activities – sport, games, competitions, and parties – and go on excursions every week to local sites of historical interest. They are supervised 24 hours a day by the highly dedicated counsellors/coaches. All of this adds up to so much fun that the campers don’t even realize how much they are learning.

For all the rest of the family we also are glad to offer year-round Spanish language programs in Spain: Alicante, Barcelona, Cadiz, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Pamplona, Salamanca, Seville, Tenerife and Valencia. Thousands of teenagers, university students and adults join every year to take 20 types of courses, such as, Intensive Spanish, Spanish for Business, Spanish + Leisure, and official exam preparation.

Why attend our Summer Programs?

  • 60% of Spanish and the international students spend 24 hours a day together in a culturally diverse learning environment, living in dormitories or with a Spanish host family.
  • After 4/5morning language classes, campers from all over the world share cultural workshops, art projects, trips, entertainment and sports, with ample free time to get to know each other in a nurturing, active environment.
  • The camp employs a constantly evolving teaching methodology and interactive curriculum, developed by expert educators, coaches and administrators.
  • All camps are exclusively located at the most prestigious private school facilities.
  • The staff encourages campers to build friendship while providing energetic, highly involved supervision.
  • Students may choose to combine sessions in 7 different cities and 9 different camps in Spain.
  • 24-hour supervision (except Granada and Seville)
  • Families can spend holidays together, as parents may travel with their children

Types of Programs

Residential Stay

The residential stay embodies the essence of our summer language camp philosophy: by living, studying, playing and practicing languages together 24 hours a day in a totally multicultural environment, campers will learn interpersonal and linguistic skills to last a lifetime.

Junior Program

The special “Junior Programs” are designed for students 14 to 18 years old who would like to spend a summer learning Spanish in Spain, with 2 keys differences from traditional summer camps. First, these programs are for international students only, not mixed with Spaniards. Second, the Junior Programs are not held on an all-in- one campus (residence hall, sport facilities, classes, activities, counsellors, etc.). Instead, participants will live, eat and sleep in a residential hall or with a host family and go to morning Spanish classes at a nearby school.

Day Camp Program

If your whole family will be in Spain for Summer this program may be exactly for you! The Day Camp option is designed so campers can attend camp activities during the day but return to their families at night. Day Camp student take part in all the same classes, sports, workshops, excursions, etc. with the residential students from about 9:15 am to 8:00 pm, but they will stay with their families at night and on the weekends.

To learn about the summer programs mor click here or contact us for any further information

GLAMping – new way of travel

GLAMping – new way of travel


What is Glamping?

Glamping – is a new term witch is shortening for glamorous camping. It is a way to experience the splendor of the outdoors without forgoing the creature comforts you cannot live without. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream or tree house, it is completely new way of camping on a grand scale, which helps to connect our modern way of living with the beauty of nature.


DeluxEvent created a completely new experience for our clients. We are offering several outstanding destinations of Catalonia for glamping. Take your family, friends or work partners for the vacations they have never had before. The luxurious camping is unique way to have a rest close to the nature without giving up the comfort we all are used to.


Glamping is a recent trend that offers outdoor enthusiast an upgrade on rest recreation. Glamping is a new word for the new type of travel. When you are glamping there is no tent to pitch, no sleeping bags to unroll, no fire to build. Glamping as a global trend came to Europe across the Atlantic. Nowadays both independent properties and global hospitality brands have capitalized on a jettisoning demand for travel who wants to experience the positive aspects without “uncomfortable” negatives. Glamping pivots on the high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. The amenities found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational campers experience.

DeluxEvent will be delight to recommend the best option for you as well provide all the arrangements. We can offer you great hotel rates and comfortable transportation from place to place, as well as plan your time in a way you get all the best from your vacations.

Contact our managers for any details.

Banc Sabadell Open in Barcelona brings the world´s best tennis players

Banc Sabadell Open in Barcelona brings the world´s best tennis players

The traditional Comte de Godó Trophy will start on 20 April and the three seeds – David Ferrer, Rafa Nadal and Tomas Berdych – are already confirmed.
The Banc Sabadell Open in Barcelona is traditionally known as the Comte de Godó Trophy. This year it is the 61st edition with the participation of the world´s best players. At the presentation held in the Saló de Cent at Barcelona City Hall, the Mayor, Xavier Trias said: “in reference to the second edition of the “Tennis on the Street” which, this time, will be held in two days in Plaza de la Catedral.
This year the tournament in Barcelona has fewer players compare to the previous year, this year in the tournament participate 48 players. The pick of the 48 players looking to play in the final on the center court at the Reial Club Tennis Barcelona are the seeds Rafa Nadal, David Ferrer and the Chech Tomas Berdych. Nicolás Al,agro, Fernando Vaerdasco, Felicioano López and the Catalan Marcel Granollers will be also be there.
For this edition the prize money that will go to the winners has been increased by 5% compared to last year, both for the singles and doubles competitions, putting it among the highest for ATP 500 tournaments.
If you like to visit the tournament we will be happy to arrange the event for you, taking in the account all the details from accommodation reservation to the comfortable accommodation. The tickets range from 10€ (for the preliminary rounds on 20 and 21 April) to 410€ (for the whole week in the best seats).
Contact DeluxEvent for any details!

50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Picasso Museum

50th anniversary of the inauguration of the Picasso Museum


This march the Picasso Museum in Barcelona celebrated the 50th anniversary of its inauguration.

The Museum was opened in March 1963, when the several Catalan figures from the world of politics and art received the invitation to the official opening of an exhibition on the collection  at the Palau de Berenguer de Aguilar in Montacada street number 15. This event is seen as the origin of the world-famous nowadays museum of Pablo Picasso.

The painter was born in South of Spain in Malaga, but he enjoyed strong ties with city of Barcelona throughout his life. Picasso begun his carrier in Barcelona and the city itself influenced a lot his style and the perception of the life.

Archives of the museum, such as in the exhibition “The Picasso Museum, 50 years in Barcelona. Origins”, which looks back at the running of the project to create a museum based on the work of Picasso.

The Picasso Museum is one of the most popular places in Barcelona, receiving million visitors every year.

DeluxEvent is organizing the tours in the city of Barcelona which can take you not only to the museum, but as well to the places where the painters used to live and create, to the restaurants that he enjoyed and to the narrow city streets which inspired some of his paintings.

Contact our specialist for further information.

Elite Residential Soccer Camp – FC BARCELONA CAMP 2013

Elite Residential Soccer Camp – FC BARCELONA CAMP 2013


The official FC Barcelona camp is a unique opportunity for boys, ages 12-18, to train with elite FC Barcelona coaches through an exclusive partnership with the world´s most successful soccer team.

Participants of the camp will have an exclusive access to official FCB training methods and facilities; as well players will participate in daily soccer related workshops and enjoy cultural visits in Barcelona and excursions during their free time.


1 – 13 July, 2013

14 – 26 July, 2013

28 July – 9 August, 2013

Train as champions train

Hosted at FC Barcelona´s spectacular Ciutat Esportiva training facilities, players will have privileged access to the various on-site artificial pitches and train in the very same place as the FC Barcelona first and reserve teams.

The intense program of training prepares players from all over the world. Specialized training and individual attention with one coach for every 10 players maximize the progression of each player during the 2-week program.

Specialized goalkeeping is conducted under the guidance of official FC Barcelona goalkeeper coach.


Your summer home will be the Residencia Sarría, a state-of*the-art residences area near the city center. Double rooms with air conditioner and private bathrooms, Internet access, ping-pong tables, private cinema, rooftop swimming pool and access to the next door Can Carralleu sports club.


DeluxEvent will help you with all the arrangements and will provide you with all the necessary information about the FC Barcelona Camp. Contact us for further request!

Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix


DeluxEvent is delight to provide you with all information on the Race Track, travelling to Montmeló and the assistance with booking the tickets.

The racing season in Europe traditionally begins with the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. The Formula 1 race on the Circiut de Catalunya near Barcelona is the most important motorsport event in the Iberian Peninsula. The upcoming Spanish Grand Prix will take place on the weekend from 10th to 12th of May 2013.

Since 1991 Formula 1 has been held at the Circuit de Catalunya near the town of Montemeló. The track is 4 655 km long and has 16 turns, which are driven through 66 times. In addition to hosting the Formula 1 race, the Circuit is a popular test track for Formula 1 and motorcycle teams.

Michael Schumacher won here his first Formula 1 race or Ferrari in 1996.

Ticket price for the Spanish Grand Prix

The ticket price for the Spanish Grand Prix range from 120€ for a three-day ticket for standing room on the grass area, up to 450€ for a three-day ticket in the grand stand. DeluxEvent is offering to our clients also the VIP tickets.

You can get a discount of 10% of the normal price if you book your ticket before 28th of March.

Contact DeluxEvent for any further information.

Have an Easter weekend brake in Barcelona!

Have an Easter weekend brake in Barcelona!


Easter is coming and it is a great opportunity to visit Barcelona city. It is only few days left until the Good Friday, and if you plan to spend your weekend in Barcelona, DeluxEvent would like to give you some information about what is going on in this dates.

Some facts & tips:

During the Easter holidays many Barcelonans make the advantage of the long weekends and escape to a countryside. The perfect combination of quitter streets, pleasant spring weather and a colorful street festivals makes Easter time the best time of a year to visit Barcelona.

Parades in Barcelona

One of the most significant parades in Barcelona will be held during Palm Sunday. A procession will take place in Ciutat Vella. But this is just the beginning of a week of religious parades. The processions will be held in Gótico and Las Ramblas, so make sure you don’t miss them is you are in the center of the city.

Regional Variety

During the Easter processions you will see hooded penitents march around as if the Inquisition was still on the go. There is a great deal of regional and local variation when it comes to Easter celebration in Spain. Catalan traditions of celebrating Easter sit alongside with the southern Spain traditions.


Typical Food & Easter Cake

On the Eater week different forms of cod are the most traditional dish, including cod with chickpeas, cod with potatoes and salted cod. “La Mona de Pascua” is the traditional Easter cake which is usually given to children by their godparents on Easter Sunday as well as chocolate eggs.

Opening times on Easter

During the festival most of the shops and museums are closed – especially on Good Friday (29th of March), Palm Sunday (31st of March) and 1st April. Restaurant are most likely to be opened as many families celebrate the event by going out for a meal together.


Whether you are religious or not, the unique city atmosphere created by the celebration means that your stay in Barcelona during this time will be truly memorable.

DeluxEvent will be glad to provide you with accommodation during your stay as well as advice you on some good places to visit to make your stay even more enjoyable. Contact us for any information!